History and Facts of Smith Hall

Smith Exterior.jpg

Building History

Smith Hall was built in 1951 as a part of the Perkins Theology Quad. The building's namesake is A. Frank Smith who was one of the founding ministers of UPUMC and the chairman of the SMU Board of Trustees from 1936-1960.

Hall Features

  • Upperclass housing- Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors
  • Located next to the Meadows School of the Arts
  • 85 residents
  • Large study room and TV lounge
  • Large computer room
  • Kitchens on floors 2 and 3
  • Three floors with three stairwells
  • Hall pool table

Room Features

  • Double occupancy rooms, with some single rooms
  • Community-style bathrooms
  • Moveable furniture (bed, desk, dresser)
  • Bulletin board strip in most rooms
  • Typical square footage is 243 for a double room
  • Typical square footage is 110-151 for a single room



Building Address: 6020 Hillcrest Avenue Dallas, TX 75205