In the few years since Upper Division Housing was established the staff and residents have been working to build a community and develop traditions that we hope will continue for many years. Traditions start with a the seed of a program idea and can grow from there. With new ideas and programs every years it is up to the community to help turn them into traditions. Below are some of the programs that have developed into traditions that residents of Upper Division have to look forward to every year.

Hall Dinners

The staff of Upper Division host monthly Hall Dinners. The Hall Dinners are designed to build community by allowing residents to socialize with other residents and the housing staff. Hall dinners typically occur on a Sunday at the end of the month and the buildings alternate as the host site. Hall Dinners are usually themed around a Holiday or Cuisine.

House Hangouts

House Hangouts are opportunities to build community and connections by attending events or activities in the Dallas Community. Previous House Hangouts have included going to the play RENT, visiting the Dallas Arboreteum and attending a Mavericks Basketball game.

MGC Traditions

There are two traditions in MGC: Chocolate Chill and the Glow Hunt. Each December the House puts on Chocolate Chill which is an opportunity to relax and enjoy all things chocolate before finals start. The Glow Hunt is a glow in the dark egg hunt that occurs in the second half of the spring semester.