Transferring to SMU?!

Ariauan Johnson, VP of the UDH community council transferred into SMU a year ago and quickly began one of community leaders! Below is her take on the transfer experience as well as some tips and tricks!

Welcome Transfer Mustangs, 

My name is Ariauna Johnson and I was the Transfer Senator for SMU’s 105th Student Senate. I transferred to SMU as a junior in the fall of 2018, and I was nervous about being on a new campus, scared about living on my own for the first time, and I was mostly nervous about not finding my place at SMU. That nervousness and those fears disappeared quickly. I chased after things that interested me and pushed myself out of my comfort zone. I built my strongest relationships at SMU with the people that lived inside of the Dyer House. During our first house meeting, I realized that I found my family away from home and that the people that living with me were the ones that would look out for me the most.

After meeting everybody in my house, being elected transfer senator, and being involved in multiple organizations on campus, I believe that I have the ability to tell you a few things that I wish I would’ve know when initially arriving on campus.


  1. Always read the stake signs, flyers, and the Friday Update from Student Affairs. These three things will keep you updated about life on campus and will typically tell you where your next free meal is coming from.

  2. Never be afraid to talk to your RA! The RA’s that you have are hand picked and are strategically placed throughout Upper Division Housing. Your RA is there to help you navigate campus, navigate life, and to let you in after you misplaced your ID badge.

  3. Get Involved. If you hear about an organization that might interest you, go to a meeting! When I got to campus I was afraid to hop into organizations, but I ended last semester being involved in Student Senate, Rotunda Yearbook, Mustang Heroes, Upper Division Housing Community Council, Mustang Transfers, and I volunteered in ESL courses. All of these organizations helped me form relationships with like-minded people and helped me learn campus better than people who arrived on campus when they were first years. Another helpful note: Downloading the CORQ App and constantly checking Connect will keep you updated on events and meetings around campus too.


Being a transfer student is not a walk in the park, because I know the pain of transferring credits and navigating around a new campus, but every single step is worth it. You are at SMU, because you have a purpose and you’re hungry for your dreams to come true. Your experience at SMU depends on you and how you make the most out of what is thrown at you. As a transfer, you bring a different experience than the majority of your peers, so share your stories and inspire the minds around you. My home is now your new home, welcome to SMU.

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SMU Ware Commons affiliation - All transfer students assigned to Upper Division Housing have the additional perk of calling Ware Commons home. Ware is a residential building opened in 2014 with its own unique culture, programming, and faculty in Residence. Learn more about Ware here!